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October 03, 2008


Spencer Jackson

The sad (or is it nauseating?) part of this is the truth that is in what Bono says about the Western world's priorities. We'll give billions to keep the plutocrats from suffering the consequences of their misdeeds and claim it is for the good of our nation, but the developed world can't shake the change out of their pockets to stop the least of these from dying unnecessarily. When I think of how disgusted I am with what I see going on, I tremble to think of what our Lord must think of us and what we are about. To paraphrase Shane Claiborne- it's not that we should ask God how He allows this to happen, but what are we to say when He asks us why did we allow this to happen? I find myself thinking about Thomas Jefferson who said he was filled with fear when he considered the fact that our God is a just God. I just hope that the day of reckoning is far off and that all of God's children come to their senses and start to focus on bringing His Kingdom here for all the world, because we are missing the mark by a large margin right now. It ain't rocket science- do justice, love mercy, etc.
Pessimistic in the present, but always hopeful for the future,

jamie kendrew

A tragic truth :[

Alexander Wilhelmsen

Go figure.

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