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March 07, 2006



I wish Jack would have been one of my profs in Bible school!

wade hodges

Great list.

After the premiere, I came up with my own list trying to figure out why so many of us are Jackaholics. I think I like yours better.


Tony Myles

I'd also add, "Be sure to have as much representation as possible of 80's icons."

Alexander Wilhelmsen

As I'm catching up for lost time (even as I've read ahead of what is to come, as things have happened... Nina Myers is soon to bite the dust, thank God), I have actually figured out some things that can be truly helpful in ministry work... or atleast as I understand it.

Wade has some pretty good points I missed, however, it's not just Jack.

Anyways, eventually I'll throw out my elaborate thoughts on life and 24, sometime.

As for people who are the Chloe (even thought I'm now watching her first season, more to come learning about her character), don't write them off to certain departments, I mean heck, maybe they're the youth pastor!

From the quirky, helpful, and always faithful one...

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