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August 27, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

Something that I think people may have missed this last year (and yet loved before then) was how there are really two sides to me... the fun loving guy, and the guy who has little tolerance for elementary church teaching and the "high school experience" extending into college and adulthood.

Anyways, nowadays, I find myself needing work, and yet feeling a need to maintain some kind of freedom that includes a freedom to love and serve God and enjoy what I do everyday (in terms of work). My last job (recently out of it), was where my humor was really allowed to happen and I'm pretty beloved in that non-Christian environment, and as a bonus, my faith is recognized there (that I have it).

Probably one of the bigger reasons why you've been missed is not because you were a great teacher, although that's true, but because of the spirit that you embodied. This quote fits you well in that aspect. Of course there is a time and place to be child-like and a time to be grown up, but some people really aren't either. They're too immature to be either.

I never liked "drama" and it's probably what I'm more lonely than many. I don't mean the difficulties in relationships, but the unnecessary stuff that everyone knows is wrong, but do anyways. Why I'll really miss my last job is because we were all a staff of older kids who are more than competent at our jobs, but we all have a sense of humor.

As far as the was you describe the "adult," I feel like I've been through that (still suffering through it), and yet starting over to try and get back to when I was more wide-eyed and crazy. Well, really I'm more bitter because I'm in the struggle between settling for the "normal" life, or taking on something that with God is possible, but I need one thing to go right (making decent money, and I mean what I need, not necessarily getting all that I want). I'd rather be interesting, inspired, and imaginative, and be with the younger people that allow me to cut loose (although Choir people are cut from an odd fabric, so are the dads who have come out to Van Dyke's Sports Camp... you'd like them).

Something funny is how I can be the most childlike and yet wisest among those my age to a decade younger... yeah, it never seems to change these "college high schoolers." The "real world," and "normal people," worry me, because I'd rather not have the life sucked out of me, but there are things that are necessary, unfortunately.

Unlike you are, I'm not so romantic (well, not until I find someone, then it'll be fun), and I'm a realist (who is disenchanted with how things are). I'm stirred, but cannot cry (except for when it serious pain), and I may end up being of of those wonderful stories that you read about someday. Hopefully I am among those who did small things throughout our four years with great love. I missed making sure you were okay when leaving the office. When you're 24 and you can't wait to chill with your friends, who needs someone your age who is there to make sure everything's alright before leaving.

Anyways, love will win, even when it seems hard. Jesus wasn't interested in those who did all the right things, but in those who were willing to follow him into a brand new life.

Fun fact, the junior year of Prom, I actually made Court, and was probably the most comfortable of those standing up front. Funny how I was the "joke" vote, because there were people who legitimately voted for me to get there, and take a place away from the regulars. The Court Jester is royalty, eh?

Anyways, such is life...

I'm off into adventure in the great wide somewhere, hoping to bring others along the way...

Alexander Wilhelmsen

I may be off topic, but I think you might get a message based on the song about "If your life were pressed and released as a movie... what would your friends, and most importantly, God see?"

So Speaking of Jesus as the star of the drama we're in, here's a music video based on the song "Cinematic" from Cool Hand Luke, which brings up the thought of our life as film...


To Jesus, "If I'm Supporting Actor, then the Oscar, goes to you!"

I'm not sure I'd want to charge for people to see my life, but I hope when it's all over and (presuming I survive Roger Ebert), Ebert, Siskel, and Roeper give it three thumbs up and say "Inspirational," "Excellent," "Hopefully the people back on Earth will make a great biopic out of it!"

Wishful thinking... hope you enjoy the song.


Well said alex, well said.

Spencer Jackson

As one who has taken a pie in the face for Christ more than once, I think the problem some people have is the idea that after a certain point in their life, they must grow up and act dignified. Bull#@*% like that keeps people from enjoying life and some of its best moments. There's a time and a place for everything: to paraphrase Ecclesiastes, and if you completely lose touch with your inner child, you wind up a sour old person with no joy in their life. So don't ever grow up completely Mark- Parker has a lot to teach you if you are willing to learn from him. That's what keeps me going in youth ministry- you get so much more back than what you pour in if you are receptive to it.
Your brother in divine foolishness,

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