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August 26, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

Unlike most of my notes, I'll be keeping this one short.

For starters, "would it be wrong to pray for rain?" Well, if I'm choosing between one idiot who doesn't understand if you don't like the Democratic Party, focus your energy on November, not the National Convention.

Kudos to the Democrats (did I just write that? For the record, I generally vote Republican), and to Donald Miller. The party for having Donald Miller come to their event, and to Miller for reminding us what we should be focused on.

There is a worldwide Kingdom to be worried about instead of our own little nation in a big world.

Fun Fact of the Day: Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush are both listed as Methodists... go figure.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

Funny how when I wrote my first comment, I hadn't seen the video and oddly enough, Don Miller referred first to the first thing I did in my note. Also, seeing the guy instead of hearing about him is great as well... definitely a fan of Don Miller now.

The sandwich guy

There definitely seems to be a movement of evangelicals to the Democrat Party and this movement has caused me to pray about my own political beliefs. Here is the conclusions I have come to: 1)Jesus wants us dependent on one thing and that is Him, not government programs, 2)if the "church" was doing its job, we wouldn't have some of the issues we are having today, that is if they were more interested in social issues than large buildings, 3)there is real evil in this world that needs to be confronted, just like in biblical times and 4)you do not change someone's heart about injustice, by taking 50% of their hard-earned money in the form of taxes.

God's plan was not for governments to deal with these issues of injustice, but the church's.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

Hey Steve,

First off, it was good seeing you this last Sunday up at Harvester, now to your points.

1) I think that's what Don Miller was getting at.

2) Your "church" is the same as when I write Church (or Holy Catholic Church, as we refer to it in the Apostles' Creed, the church worldwide).

I think the problem isn't so much the people of that Church, that really want to see the world change, but the people that are simply Christians in name that write a check and just go on with their lives. I don't know that too many churches are interested in large buildings, as much as satisfactory buildings for their congregations. What really seems to happen is that people talk the talk, but either don't walk the walk, or are stuck on an island of wanting to do something while watching in a sad state of mind where it is, "what can one do?" People live their lives, try to maintain a certain standard of living, and churches also try to be sensitive to "family time," where I think there are plenty of opportunities for the church to offer opportunities for people to engage this Church thing.

I think if churches decided to stop being partisan (there are more denominations than political parties, if you didn't know) and reach across doctrines and congregational lines (even within the denomination), that's when the churches become a great big Church that when they work together, they are a force.

Mark once brought this up in regards to the fact that there is a Pittsburgh Youth Network, but Tampa youth ministries keep to themselves.

I've wanted to bridge the gaps, but I'm kind of alone here.

The Church should be influencing the Government, but not in the ways it has been. Yeah, we can say that the Church needs to take over, but that kind of theocracy can be corrupted as well.

If people really gave everything, I wonder... take what you need and continue on.

3. So what is that "real evil?" I think it's all over, and it's in humankind's fallen nature. Speaking of Biblical times, we're in between what was and what is to come, and God is the same in all times (so is the nature of the world, beyond Eden).

4. I would, and this is tongue in cheek, argue that you do change someone's perspective on injustice by taking 50% of their income. If it's a rise in the taxes, that person calls such a hike a form of injustice.

Final point, the Church can only do so much, yet it can also span the world. We need the government and politicians to carry out the policies of the nation. Look up the Rev. Dr. Floyd H. Flake of New York (if you've been to the Leadership Summit over the years, you've seen him as a speaker). Flake is a pastor who served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 10 years.

The Church and nation should believe in a separation of Church and State (see how the Popes and everyone else screwed that up... too much indulgence(s)), but not God guided Government.

America Bless God!

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