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September 12, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

Honestly, how the hell did those guys get a platform? The bad lyrics, bad singing, horrible on the eyes (none of them look good at all), tacky clothes, the dude has bad hair (that might be true for all of them), and horrible attempts at dancing or whatever that routine was.

Maybe the baseline might have been okay in the right producers hands and the right performers that would take the idea and spice things up a lot. I mean, it's bad enough for white people who can't do anything close to urban music trying to do it in the worst way (that being Black Gospel, R&B, Rap, that kind of stuff), and looking horrible doing it.

Not to mention, the church needs some people to improvet the look and layout there... oh well, there went 3 minute of our lives, it could have been worse... like 5 or 10 minutes... and Joel Osteen finally drops his Ned Flanders act for a minute to say, "That was definitely not being a better you, that was being the worst possible you... (getting back to happiness), God Bless You in something you actually have the gifting to do." Like stinking up a joint.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

http://ransom.wordpress.com/ (this blog is linked to by the video you sent, if you didn't know).

Alexander Wilhelmsen

By the way, he writes that apparently the group (he says "cult") has some non-Christian beliefs (and what I mean by that is that they really butcher the belief in the Trinity).

Gnostics might have some of the same language as Christians, but they aren't Christians, same with Mormons and similar groups, that's what is meant by that. So if that's true, great, not one of us, but not so great that they are screwing it up for the rest of us.

Mr. Bill

Unbelievable. Are these people (and those like them) so out of touch with life and the world that they create this stuff? Are these robots? Mind numb?

I fall back to waht I said a while back regarding the moron who was praying for torrential downpours in Denver when Obama was going to accept the nomination. Doesn't anyone speak up and say to those around them, "you know, this is really bad stuff. Maybe we should do something else." I don't get it. Do they do it just to keep their job. Or have they lost reality. This absoluetly can't be something they are be proud of if they could think for themselves.

Think about playing this to the senior high youth group or better yet, a group of non-believers, or those searching. We just lost 'em.

Welcome to the bubble. Keep your hands inside the car.

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