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September 04, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

...and I thought the Beenie Babies that I have in my room were a little out there (okay, they're probably there because I put them back after taking them over to school freshman year before putting them back in my room).

One of the benefits of being the older brother of two sisters... we all collected and loved them... quite frankly, they're still cool (and it'll be a nice quirky thing to have on-hand to see if whatever girlfriend is worth it... honestly, if you can't admire a "Tender Warrior," what's wrong with you?).

Outside of that, long after I tried painting my own walls, I got blue walls, they're great. Simplicity is a great thing.

Speaking of Beanie Babies, maybe what I've linked to here bears some transferable message that you could write about (or I will over on my webpages).


In other news, it's good to see Brian Maeda, Steve Miller, along with Sam again, as I've seen both within the last couple weeks. I doubt, due to financial reasons and the fact that there's not a place on staff for them to have Gene, Jason, and Tommy come on up to Harvester.

Maybe when and if they're something big that goes beyond one church that would involve them all (and you if you're in town).

"Here's to the crazy ones..."


Glad you liked the plastic soldiers and crew.

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