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September 10, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

I remember where you had the Gen X vs. Gen Y thing where more people wanted to be rich and famous, and I remember that you did a message on people doing this that or the other, and the question to each of these things was "Why?"

That "Why?" led to another "Why?" Until the answer was for Christ or the person really wouldn't know, or it was something otherwise not really meaningful or fulfilling.

That's why I'm a huge Tim Tebow fan... and it's also why I would love to be rich and famous myself... the rich young ruler's problem wasn't that he was rich, but the answer to the question, what did he wish to do with those riches? In small ways, I'm able to do things others cannot do (such as the "status quo" people that I know of) as well, but what's not enough is because I know that there's more out there in due time.

Something that I found amazing on the local radio station is what I believe was a prayer that Derrick Brooks had where he puts football second to God. Brooks is helping the local community with an education center. Gayle Sayers did this by recognizing and titling a memior, I believe, "I Am Third." I'm sure Warrick Dunn does (as his "Home of the Holidays" is well known). I'm not sure what Vincent Lecavalier's life and faith story is, but I know that hockey players are well known for being humble and giving guys, thanks to how they were brought up, and I know that Vinny quietly donated a few million dollars of his own money to help build up a children's hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, which will bear his name, but what matters to him is not having his name on something, but what will happen within that facility long after he's gone.

As Tim said, essentially, people waste their platform, the one given to him, and literally, thank God that he has not and never will.

Also, thank God for all the athletes and famous people who use their platform to do great things for others.

Question? What if Chad Ochocinco spent more time trying to love others than he does loving himself? Let God give you a new name Chad, one that calls you to something more than being just a number...

The sandwich guy

Being a Florida State fan, this guy drives me crazy, but he definitely earns my respect by the way he lives his life. I could never root for Tebow, but hopefully he continues to find football success (except against FSU) so his platform grows even larger.

First, the comments about Sarah Palin and now a Tebow video, Mark you must not want me to read your blog.

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