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September 08, 2008


Mr. Bill

You know, you are probably right. It is most likley "waits longer". But guess what: I wear one on my left hand. And this is why I think being a youth pastor and a dad is such an important combination. You may feel differently about things like Silver Ring Thing when your daughter is 14 years old.
It is not a fool proof way, but I believe it is something that a teenager can attend and re-attend numerous times. Like anything: re-inforcement. We are in such a daily battle (and I mean BATTLE) with the culture. It would be so easy to thrown my arms up in the air and give up. But I can't. Most of the time I think I am screwing up as a dad. (always second guessing myself) But you are right. Most likley, these things don't work, just delay. But the culture bombards all of us all the time 24/7! (I can't even watch a football game without a commercail or tv promo of someone bending over or bedding down.)
But I have this ring: I wear it, therefore I see it, and feel it daily. And because I have it, I pray for my girls purity daily. And I pray that God is also preparing the perfect person for them. We are all sinners. We all fall short. And purity may be a pipe dream. But I refuse to not be active, and support programs like SRT. Because I battle the culture everyday, and idiot movies like Superbad, and television shows like Gossip Girls, and movies like The House Bunny.
**PS: What's really cool, and happens more than you would think, is at the check out counter at a retail store. Teenage girls have seen my ring when I hand them money, and stop me, and comment on it. And the cool thing is-- I HEAR PRIDE in their voice when they say to me,"I have one", and the best comment I love, "my dad also wears one for me, too."



Well said, and I love your reasons for wearing one, very cool. I am actually love what Silver Ring Thing does, most of all because they get teens to think about their sexuality. I know the leader of Silver Ring Thing, Jason, and he is awesome. He also struggles with what is the best way to help students abstain from sex until marriage and wonders if they are accomplishing their goal the best way with the rings.

Thanks for the efforts you have made as a dad, that is the best thing for your teen girls.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

I kind of hope that the celebrity of it all doesn't make the rings a target of satire like the WWJD bracelets did.

As for Brand, in my way of hoping people talk some sense into people who make intentionally idoitic statements, I hope someone gets through to him that even his apology was wrong.

From the Gametime React Show with JT the Brick, he was thrilled that he has boys instead of girls, as the guys aren't fawning over Jonas Brothers and seeing T.I. and company with their britches down to their knees, that's not right.

On Brand's statements:
He says: "I didn't meant to take it lightly,"
I say: You're a comedian bud, first lie, you did take it lightly and off-color.

He says: "I don't want to piss off teenage fans."
I say: No dude, you gained some fans while offending any parents and tweens that took a chance watching this. No, the company needs Jonas Brothers, not people making fun on them (even though I've heard they're not so good).

He says: "Promise rings, I'm well up for it.
I say: Promise what? I'm guessing you're not a virgin or "born again" one.

He says: "A bit of sex, it never hurt anybody."
I say: Tell that to the Palin family, and everyone else that's ever had a pregnant teen, or how about those with unplanned pregnancies. You can't win. You either kill a developing being, or you have to grow up often too soon. Often it works out in the long run, but I'm 24 years old, and I'm in no hurry to settle down, much less deal with having a child (as a father), and I can't imagine being on the girl's side. I know I can't support one... so yeah, a little sex never hurt anyone.

There's a good reason why this guy is being universally thrown out of the bus and run over several times (throwing him under the bus is just too kind it seems). Who was he anyways? An idiot, a complete and total idiot.

As for promises and purity, I think that the best thing to do is to maintain your relationship with God and if you have great supportive parents with them (or your parent-mentor, meaning someone who is the person who takes responsibility for the person's spiritual well being). Let your "Yes be your yes, and no be your no." It's a battle, but that's where "living" your Bible, and not just reading it comes into play.

What is effective is keeping kids and parents aware and talking about it (which is why it's a huge disservice for congregations to get sqeemish about Sex).

Here's the trade off, you can talk about sex now or talk about it later. Sooner means that there's the talk about the birds and the bees when the students may start to think about it in middle school. What's appropriate or inappopriate in a relationship beyond keeping God and what he asks of us first? What is love?

The later talk is the counseling and "oh my gosh, not my baby having a baby, I'm too young to be a grandparent."

Anyways, I would advise that it's not "True Love Waits" job, but the Church's job to make things right. It never helps when church people get divorce simply because they can't be married to someone (I've heard that before). Infidelity is the only thing that I know to be even under consideration (and that's a bad example).

Adults have to show the right way as well.

Personally, I hope that I'll be an example of how to do things right when it comes to relationships and it influences any teenagers that I am friends with to have excellence and purity as much as possible, in their relationships.

I think it wonderful that you, Mr. Bill, are doing what you're doing and are finding positive reactions. I hope your experience is indicative of something greater out there. It helps that you're a supportive father, so I can imagine it's great to hear that father and daughters are fighting together as you are with your girls.

On Jordin Sparks, I'm glad to hear that she's being bold about her faith as another American Idol contestant (she won), similar to Mandisa, who I saw in concert at the Night of Joy event at Disney. Mandisa is another light who shines the spotlight to God that he and not them should be the true American Idol, as was Ruben Studdard (who did a worship album).

Modest is hottest, and it would be amazing if girls wanted to be like the woman in Proverbs 31 rather than featured in "Seventeen" for some reason other than the good things that they've done where they know and say that it's not about them.

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."

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