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September 23, 2008


Alexander Wilhelmsen

I remember seeing one of the movies about his life back in Middle School, it was quite cool.

It just goes to show that relatively ordinary people become extraordinary when they are in synch with God and his plans for his world, and have God's mentality and care.

Truly, Jesus seemed to enjoy being with those who are literal and figurative lepers, and in return, not all lepers are so greatful, as of the 10 healed, only one returned to thank him, but then again, maybe those other 9 told others how grateful they were, only God knows that.

Anyways, Damien is a member of a Church who throws birthday parties for whores at three o'clock in the morning (to use the Campolo story that I cite often with stories like this).

To be technical, Damien became a candidate to become a saint, or one of the Venerated. Upon the confirmation of one miracle due to his intervention, he became "Beatified," or known as "Blessed Damien" (Mother Teresa is currently "Blessed Teresa"). Since there has been a recent confirmation of a second miracle attributed to Damien's intervention, he is now a candidate to be canonized as a saint.

In the Catholic church, saints, the venerated, the beatified, and figures are known as intercessors who pray for us. Protestants recognize some people such as St. Francis as such, but not in the same way. To Protestants, we are God's saints.

I don't believe in intercession like Catholics do, I believe that we pray directly to God with the Holy Spirit as our intercessor, but I am okay with believing that those who have gone before us might have some influence on our affairs petitioning to God.

Also, while I don't believe in saints the way the Catholics do, I do find people that are named saints are worthy of being seen as role models to all Christians, regardless of belief.

I think that some of the well known saints are known as Saints because of their great influence, that is recognized by the Holy Catholic Church which is the entirety of the Christian Body of believer, such as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, or St. Francis.

In that light, it's an example of how you may not agree with all Catholic beliefs, but you should definitely respect and seek to understand them. I may not agree with the process, but as far as the Hall of Fame of sorts that they have, it's something that I admire to an extent.

In closing, what an example Damien set out for us, washing the feet for those whose feet and bodies were truly unclean that felt the touch of Jesus through one of his great servants.

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