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March 08, 2009



Mark...I loved this video. It is so true! I wonder if someone sent it to the facebook people...

Alexander Wilhelmsen

This guy virtually hates facebook... anyways, I'm one of said "Facebook" people, and some of it is good, some? Get over it dude.

25 Things Julian Smith Hates About Facebook

My thoughts...

1. 25 Things Notes – Did one, and I read almost everyones that I saw. It was interesting, but no one will remember. The worst were actually the people who were like, “I have nothing more to write about at #10,” please, you're in your teens to 20s. I think people want to be known, but then again, how many “friends” are our friends? You know, deserving of that title?

2. Poking – What's the point again?

3.“Happy Birthday” Wall Posts – I actually
pulled my birthday off my page within a week of my birthday, and only got three people who posted “Happy Birthday,” my sister and one who noticed her post (one of her BFFLs or “biffles” as she would call them) and another person she told that I had seen with some frequency. If you want to wish me a happy birthday, I like money and I'd love to see you.

4. Compare People App. - Gets boring quick and is often meaningless.

5. Pillow Fight Requests – Or just about any request that is not a game, practically useless. Now if it's an invitation to pound someone mercilessly with a pillow, as long as their parents don't mind (or if they're an adult, even more fun).

6. Facebook Chat – He did say that it was okay, but it's the random people he's worried about. That's why it's basically like AIM for me from time to time.

7. Gifts – What am I supposed to do with this indeed. Go buy me something useful.

8. Abusing Status Updates – a.k.a. Twitter... no really, that's what that is.

9. Old People on Facebook - Hey, if Grandma and parents are technologically capable and want to be friends with each other, why not? I mean, Mark Helsel's on Facebook and he's getting towards 40.

10. Event Invites – Depends on the event and person. It's good for putting together fun times, but if it's say an invite to hit the club or do something that you're not really interested in. Yeah...

11. Group Invites – It's good if you actually put the group to good use and it's a common group that does stuff together regularly.

12. Top Friend Drama – Get over yourself people.

13. Webcam Video Comments – Those can be fun to watch what others are upto.

14. Flair – Got it.

15. Bumper Stickers – Got that too. Both had their time, and have gone the way of Pogs, not really as relevant as they once were.

16. Detail Requests – We fun when I started, not I don't worry about it.

17. Relative Requests – If you're really related, why not?

18. Bad Tagged Photos – Tell the person to take them off.

19. “Lost Phone” Facebook Exploitation – Why do there have to be groups, and why do people post their numbers so publicly? Send messages to the friends whose numbers you really need.

20. People You May (Not) Know – Gosh, that gets irritating.

21. Creepy Ads – I've labeled the Ads with the creepy babies and people as “Offensive” and they still showed up again, stupid.

22. Threads – These are your own fault.

23. Picture Shrinkage – People need to make their pictures up to size, it's easy to enlarge pictures, trust me.

24. Duplicate Pictures – If it's unintentional, meh. As long as they'd like to clean it up if it wasn't the last thing on their mind.

25. Facebook Relationship Gossip – Which is exactly why I dropped the “Relationship Status” off my information page. The people who care will know.

It all comes down to having perspective. Don't let something be more than it really it. It's a nice place to visit, but don't live there.

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