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March 08, 2009



Love it. Bob is a neat man!

Brian Hidy

Wow, this is a great example of how our church should grow. Not simply multiplying, but growing spiritually and relationally on the inside. Remember, your relationship is a two way street and that you have a whole different set of life experiences to bring to the table here. It doesn't sound like you need encouragement here, but just don't sell yourself short thinking to little of who you have become.

Brian Hidy

Alexander Wilhelmsen

A note on technology, it's good to have it around for the times we're apart, but it can never replace the times that we're together in living color. I don't like telephones too often for conversations when I can get to that person and take care of business face-to-face.

Anyways, on Bob, what about Bob?

I can think of a few older people that I love having around, and I don't mean the parents of teenagers or around that age, I mean Senior Discount aged guys (or close, atleast they have grandkids). One is simply a friend who I cut up with who I have no idea how old he is exactly, but the guy is great to trade good humor with, while the other is our Youth Teacher (we're an all volunteer outfit) out at Harvester who has a wealth of experience (it's funny how we have a few that have done the job) and he's not entirely hip, but he does a pretty darn good job. Not as old as Bob, but still great. We do have a Santa Claus alike as well.

It's great finding older people who do as you are trying to do yourself (although between adults it's easier I think). As the older end, I've been trying to help build up those younger than me for almost half my life (via VBS for most of those years as middle schooler and older), and it's great, especially when there's not the things that hold people my age back (we're not that old, and thus not as responsible), yikes.

Anyways, kudos to Bob to helping our favorite nearly 40 year old teenager. Don't age too much Mark, I hope I don't. I hope that I'll grow up and mature, but never grow old. Who knows, maybe Bob's pushing his life expectancy and he still wants to be young (why else do people teach young people). Grow up, but don't grow old and stale.

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