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March 27, 2009


Spencer Jackson

To stretch your ice cream metaphor- God is the cone that holds it all together, Jesus is the ice cream, and the Spirit is the sprinkles or whatever you like for a topping. And the sum is a reflection / magnification of all the parts that through Grace makes for a most satisfying treat that is best when shared. This should probably go on a t-shirt.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

I'll come back around to this post later, but the thoughts of this post inspired one of my "Special Pictures" and with permission from Spencer, I present what this blog post looks like on a T-Shirt:


Thanks Spencer!

Alexander Wilhelmsen

Amazing how Grace is, and how there's such a favorite of a song so named "Amazing Grace." That's not the original name for it, but it stuck and it reminds us of how sweet it is to be loved by God... Yes it is! (now sing that last little bit, and stop... and thank you Jesus! Now you want to stop... and thank you Jesus!)

Anyways, If you haven't seen it, I had some fun with Spencer's idea.

On a side note, one of the younger and pretty fascinating members of my current youth ministry happens to be named Parker, and I know that you'd love this guy. Not only for the name, but how he just steps up to volunteer for both the goofy games we sometimes have and helping to serve. Hopefully your Parker is like this one, energetic and he understands that being a teenager isn't about being cool and he's not the church of tomorrow, but of today, just younger.

I'm confident that yours is because just like I know the Parker of the youth's parents, I know more of your Parker's parents. If he's cool like them, then he's gonna be great!

The moral of the story: Parents, love your children and point them towards God first.

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