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March 24, 2009


Alexander Wilhelmsen

I think I've wanted this, but have little clue how to pull things in that direction so strongly. You can't lead a marching band when you're playing all the instruments.

What is noticeable is that respect and dignity are well given in that community so readily.

On the last paragraph about the individual, in a way I wonder about my family, immediate and extended (beyond the four I've lived with most of my life) and wonder how different things would be if... then I remember that it's my life and my story, and unless I'm taken out of the picture early on, it's only beginning.

Roseto seems like an early church type scenario, where people broke bread and took care of widows and orphans. At the same time, thousands were being brought into the fold, growing everyday. People didn't believe because of ridiculous miracles, but the miracle of community and the greatest of all, Agape for their community, given and experienced.

Love and respect goes a long way, and it drives away fear. When given the choice... Love...

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