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March 08, 2009


Alexander Wilhelmsen

My last attempt at commenting on these guys, was blown as my computer just shut down on it's own, so here we go again.

These guys are all pretty nice for what they are.

"Master" Brad Lebakken and company have a nice melodic rock sound that I dig, he'll definitely make "Third Service" worth checking out, and he was great on the first "3rdCast" (please let me know about your next one).

Ben Hardt and his outfit are cool because the string set are actually part of his group, as opposed to being the add-in for a song every once in awhile. My thought on his crew was that the key to great inspired art is being different and original. "Avalanche," the first song over at their MySpace is definitely worth a listen.

As for Recession, how do you come up with that name and how long have they had it? Hopefully the name won't be depression if the economy stays bad and this was their name before the disaster that is the economy. I recognize a few of the groups they're worked with and I know some people that would really dig their stuff. Not me exactly, but it's not my cup of tea, as it is for others. I do think they're good for what they are though.

The Myriad is another group that I like a couple of their songs, but overall, not so much.

As for Cool Hand Luke, I'm only really familiar with one song of theirs, but it's beautiful.

Look up the song "Cinematic" by Cool Hand Luke via YouTube! or something else, it's a beautiful song that's definitely worth a listen. Well, atleast I can listen to it early and often and still love it.

Anyways, yeah, I'm kind of back in the comment seat. Hopefully I'll catch up soon (and Mark will keep writing on pace).

Cool stuff... any update on b? b Thornberry? You know, the guy with the former partner in crime who got her M.R.S. and moved on? Oh well, guess she found Shortest Way's "Yoko Ono," or is it "Oh no!" Anyways, moving on...

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