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March 08, 2009


Amy Tedrow

Hey Mark -

Thanks so much for posting the info for these bands. I have basically listened their music all day today. They are all very, very gifted.

Thanks for sharing.


Alexander Wilhelmsen

I'm not into the teenager dramas, but I have heard of "The Hills," a.k.a. one of the modern day versions of "Dawson's Creek," (I was never into that when I was that age... guess it comes with being a guy, and not a cool one in the normal way). Very impressive (based on the video) and if the rest of their stuff is as good I can see why Virgin picked those guys up.

On Eric James, hey, those of us who you never had as high schoolers count (if you remember, you arrived during my last month of high school going into the summer, so I really don't consider myself to have been one of your students in that way).

How in the world do you go from this guy to "Master" Brad? I mean that in a complimentary way as in "dude, Steeltown's got talent."

All of the guys you've laid out here, whether I love their music or it's not quite something I like, I know what other people like and if I don't like it, I know it's still good stuff.

Maybe you could have a Grove Farm Fest that features all of your blasts from the past as a benefit concert for some Pittsburgh area charities. Maybe you can get one of the Steelers to come out (maybe a guy who will make an impact in the future, a la projected 2009 Bucs starting quarterback Luke McCown was the third string guy when he stopped by Van Dyke to speak at Sports Camp).

Good stuff.


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