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March 15, 2009


Alexander Wilhelmsen

Funny how those of us who have some semblence of a rebellious streak (and I don't mean against family) or that are different are kind of on the wayside amongst our own and even though culture has a way of recognizing people who are different in the history books and afterwards, in the real time, it's just kind of weird.

The first line of the quote I would imagine speaks to differences, risk, and taking chances, oh how countercultural that seems to be more often than not. I wonder why "24" is known to be as great as it is.

One of my favorite scenes and lines in the entire series is within the closing of the first hour of Season 2. The lines are: "That's the problem with people like you, George. You want results, but you never want to get your hands dirty. I'd start rolling up your sleeves. (pause) I'm gonna need a hacksaw." That coming from Jack Bauer to his then boss George Mason (great Day 2 character) basically letting him know that in order to stop the madness in that day, that they would have to be a little mad themselves. That that day was not going to be for the soft. No wonder the show's a favored escape. Who doesn't want chance to be taken?

On trusting in God, yeah. People say, "God, let you hand be with us." I say that it's gotta be there on a constant basis, or I'd hate to think of how the word would be otherwise.

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