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August 17, 2009


Ronald Taimuty-Loomis

Sadly, it seems obvious that we don't trust God and instead strive for cultural and political legitimacy. And power. But we expect good results!

The flip side to the examples of the church 'under hostile conditions' are 'the hostile conditions' created by the church with political power:

The Holy Roman Empire
Feudal Europe
The Crusades
State-church led wars & massacres in Reformation Europe
Afrikaaners/Imperialism in Africa

I know we touched on this in Sunday School a few months back - probably around the time you posted this entry - but it still remains a very relevant question. Thanks for the post!

Alexander Wilhelmsen

I remember a story from The Leadership Summit where an African government tried to kill a missionary several times and God turned the lights off to save his servant.

That said, I don't think the church should seek to be a theocracy or necessarily force morality onto people. I think that if God is God and his people truly act as his people, the laws can be what they will be, but God's will and people will prevail.

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