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September 26, 2009


Ron Taimuty-Loomis

Thanks Mark, I'll definitely have to add this one to my 'to-read' list.

Have you ever read Graham Greene's 'A Burnt-Out Case?' Was assigned to read it in seminary...a parallel (but fictional) redemption narrative of a man transformed while relegated to living with a leper colony in Africa.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

If you're ever out of work again, may I recommend Day Labor.

Most of the people I've worked with, and I mean we're on the same level in terms of work, have issues with their driving or criminal records in the past.

The thing is, when you're going to the job, at the job, and coming back, it's not about your past. What it is about is putting an honest, hard day of work and treating your fellow man with respect.

A couple of stories that are compliments to me, are one guy who simply has been out of work has recognized me as a Christian and has said "pray for ol' me." Another is my branch manager commenting on how people like to work with me and how rare how I am is.

Thing is, this life for them, a waystation for me, I have a few minor traffic violations that I've taken traffic school for and a few accidents when I first was driving that weren't necessarily my fault and caused very, very little damage.

I am "better," but I am no better and I knew that from the start.

I think the fascinating thing when Christians are ministering to those who are "less fortunate" is how they find the faith among those who have less and find that they're people, just like you. The difference is their condition in life.

Sometimes all people have to give is respect and sometimes all people have is God, and sometimes those people are all the more richer for it, and that's people who are less well off than minimum wagers.

It's like the words of Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird":
"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

While you never can be another person, the least you can do is be empathetic and compassionate as best you can.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

Now I don't recommend low wage work long term, but at least long enough to get to know some of the people there and never forget how well you have it.

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