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January 07, 2010


Alexander Wilhelmsen

It's been something like 34 and 1/2 months from the last one, and the Comment section has been back for around the last three of those (I missed those until now). Apparently that's just me, but there was a one-off nearly 27 months ago, and I missed that too... anyways, back to work... for now.

I'm never sure of what the circumstances of someone who has faithfully done their job to the best of their abilities getting sacked. Especially so when they are SO experienced and qualified and have seen what an industry is from the beginning.

As of when Tic Long started (don't know him, but sounds like a guy I should), I don't think so-called "Youth Ministry" was that old, and it's likely been evolving as the culture has.

The fact that he got brought back sounds similar to Steve Jobs, where he was brought back into Apple and took back over what he started. It sounds like the several times when I was able to come back in several circumstances in my life, and my disappointments when I haven't. After keeping my head down and kicking tail somewhere else, I come back bigger, better, and grateful.

It sounds a kind of like you, except instead of re-starting in place, some new and amazing things seem to show up each time you get beat down and rise again.

Not to mention, being further able to speak the language of "Life Sucks," for a lot of people that are like if you dropped an English speaker in a non-English country and said "Yeah, you're gonna live here, good luck!" Of course, it's not English speaking, but over time, you can learn, understand, and find a new kind of home.

I don't know what the aftermath of Tic Long going back, I do know that you dropped off YS to focus on home.

It's a story of "new beginnings," and restarts, which I know you know something about. I don't know what all of my re-starts were all about, nor yours, but I do know that it's a strong faith and compassion that just doesn't give up that has gotten you to your next stop and, in a way, given each stop a new and better leader.

One pretty cool "new beginning" which I think you've done better by bringing some friends that will drag you along is your new podcast.

I'm not sure what slammed on brakes on the original "Flipcast," (featuring Sean Allred, and the REALLY early days of MUTEMATH (that's a long time ago) they may as well have been called "Earthsuit 2.0."

I guess, in a way, even when it doesn't seem like it, this is not a bad idea to keep in mind... because somehow, in some way, it comes true...
"The Future is So Bright I've Gotta Wear Shades!"

As for San Diego versus these guys, I know I had some fun with this picture.

I also know there was a post for feedback on PCP...

How about a "Post-Christian Pastors" supergroup episode, not unlike some of these Old School (the band guys you grew up with) coming together to make two great parts try to make a pretty awesome whole, and just shoot the breeze on some topics for a good 75-80 minutes, as the shows tend to be these days.

Maybe "suffer through" a full two hours of worthwhile stuff by bringing these dudes in on some GoogleHangout sesh or something.

Sounds like an idea... "Hel's Angels," maybe? "Steel Chargers?"

Anyways, hope this return to order has (or did) bare some great results in the aftermath! Things like these somehow manage to, if people let them.

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