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August 02, 2010


David Robinson

mark ~

thanks so much for bringing this article to my attention...as i mentioned on your fb page...i'm not sure i could have said it better...

simply said, i love God...its just the people he hangs out with i can't stand!


Ron Taimuty-Loomis

I feel Anne Rice's frustrations, but I am saddened that she is taking the "cut-and-run" approach. Although I am tempted to do the same quite often, running away does nothing to (1) help the church that is failing in its calling to flesh out the Kingdom of God, nor (2) help me to do my own part in fleshing out my own calling as a Kingdom citizen.

On the other hand, depending on the church environment one is subjected to, it may be a case of "conform, or die!!!!" in which case, Ms. Rice is better off escaping the abuse. Better for God to find her struggling in the wilderness and redeem her than for her to stay in the arms of an abuser. Since the beginning of the Faith, Christians have confused *unity* and *uniformity* ... and it seems to me that in this case, it is no different.


I have to say I've been where she is and it's painful. My only hope is that even though she has given up on the church, she remains in Jesus. It's only through His word and love that she can forgive and heal. Even though she may not be in church, God does the impossible and through His grace he changes our hearts and heals bitterness. I don't know what's best for her and I have no idea how she must hurt. I pray her heart is focused on Jesus and he shows her love and His plan for her. It's only through love and grace that she may heal and maybe someday reconcile with the church. When you focus on others' brokenness you present a prefect opportunity for God to use your own for His glory.

Quentin Marshall

I can relate to Ms. Rice. I stopped attending church services years ago for many of the same reasons. The one thing I can't understand is saying that she won't be "Christian", while still following Christ. From an etymological standpoint, that's an oxymoron. I find I have very little in common with so-called "Christians" who profess faith while acting abominably. And I don't even agree with the good and faithful examples of "mainstream" Christianity in terms of theology. But I still call myself "Christian" because the word has no literal meaning beyond one who follows Christ.

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