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April 30, 2013


Alexander Wilhelmsen

If sideways drums is what I think it is, The Newsboys are well known for that happening during their performances for a LONG time and I mean since the mid-90s.

These guys are to 80's hard/glam rock what Relient K is to alternative, Skillet to harder rock, Underoath is to Metal, P.O.D. at least was for rock as well, and Lecrae is to Hip Hop. I'd even extend that to the more mainstream guys to an extent like U2 and Mumford and Sons to music in general (U2) and Folk like music.

Proof that Christian groups CAN stack up to the mainstream groups with a mostly different message, or at least a reason for the message.

That said, I am more a fan of groups who talk about Life and God instead of just trying to be generically Christian spiritual than having some depth and a willingness to go into life, relationships, and some darkness and sometimes saying "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

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