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April 16, 2013


Darlene Grieco

I too, am addicted to REDEMPTION. It is the story and song of our Mighty God. Lifting your kids highest wish up daily! Amen, brother.


What a great quote. I know that some people think having faith in God will mean thier life will all the sudden be perfect and wonderful...but a relationship with God takes work and sometimes I dont always do what God wants. In turn, it draws me closer to HIM. Without failing, how can I be redeemed by the one who loves me most? Thank you for posting and being a reminder of how much WE ALL need God in our lives.

Alexander Wilhelmsen

As I PMed you via Facebook, your restart is upon my birthday and my already bittersweet and crazy last year of my 20s.

I can't exactly relate to what's going on with you in terms of mirroring your story, and I have no idea truly what's going on. Beyond trying to piece it together in my own mind. The only other commentary was pretty much "no idea what's going on, but it can't be good."

I do know that I have had my own share of "where do I go from here?" over the last year or so and trying to sort it out. It's nothing compared to your story, as it is now, but I am looking to better days. As I wrote among my comments catching up on the old posts, I've worked directly with a lot of people that I can't live their lives and I don't, but I can understand pain and trying to do the right things.

I do find it funny that the first "24" movie (between Seasons 6 and 7) was called "Redemption" and dealt with Jack seeking to do the right thing and have peace while serving at an orphanage, only to be pulled back into the fray.

On "deeper and darker," heck, it's being honest. People like people who are brave enough to go there.

In the time between the last post and this one, I FINALLY read "Blue Like Jazz" straight through this last fall, and I think one of the things that resonated with everyone that's read that book is that it's Donald Miller telling it like it is. That's probably why you've resonated with me and the other pastor I've admired is that you are both honest about yourselves, God, faith, and life.

Florida is called the Sunshine State, but we never forget that we're also home to a regular diet of hurricanes and rainstorms and humidity. None of those are that comfortable. Thing is, it's honest, it's life.

Anyways, the Andy Ritcher to your Conan O'Brien, the David Spade to your Chris Farley, the Cal Noughton Jr. to your Ricky Bobby is back to "Shake and Bake" in the comments section, if it's okay with you.

I could use it myself and I miss it. Not to mention, maybe some others will enjoy it and I hope they'll get involved in the conversation.

This is doing something I loved and have missed and I hope it'll be a blessing for both of us. I don't know how you'll read me tonally, it should be different, but what will be maintained is the honesty and hopefully some humor that I brought back in the older days.

I think when a person is sick and there's nothing you can do to heal them, you can comfort, care, and be there.

I have no idea how I can help directly, but hey, how many stories have you read in The Bible and seen in life where people beyond hope and redemption are brought all the way back. You're not there, but I believe you know what I mean.

Welcome Back!

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