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April 22, 2013


Alexander Wilhelmsen

Another way I had seen Jesus paradoxically described (including the cuddly version we usually hear about) is from comedian Brad Stein as follows: http://youtu.be/I-VwJkhU-jM?t=2m2s

After watching that, and what Brad says is true, I'm not sure how you can see Jesus as a politically correct guy who is all love, sunshine, and rainbows, he is a man who is a warrior with a heart.

I hope that when people think of Jesus, they think of all that he is, not just the parts that are comfortable or comforting.

Then again, when I rest, I may feel more comforted by someone who not only can hold me up when I don't want to or can't stand, but someone that can capably stand up for me which means they can't only care, but they have to be tough. Jesus was a tough guy, but that's because of everything he was, not just parts of him.

On the line where he says "Jesus is full of surprises." I remember when WWJD? and even the wristbands had their time like POGS, Pokemom, and Angry Birds. I think if people really read up and dig in to WWJD instead of what they think, they'd be amazed that it's not quite what they thought it'd be. Jesus is the ideal... he just isn't some people's less attractive (when you think about it) ideal.

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