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April 30, 2013


Alexander Wilhelmsen

"The greatest cause of atheism is Christians" line is probably the most well known because of the dcTalk song "What If I Stumble," but I read that his impact is much more widely recognized and rightfully so.

That line holds a ton of truth and the fact is, yeah the overt culture is in a state of moral decay, or is it? Are we just giving more recognition to how people are and that's all?

Thing is, I KNOW the culture war can't be won in the political arena, but it can be won when we show "what is beneficial" instead of what is simply allowable as "we can do anything."

Grace isn't a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. We pay for our sins, God just doesn't hold us out of heaven and in the end hold us accountable.

We need to say "hey, we're just like you, but not." Are we perfect? No. Should we ever claim to be? No.

What I find unusual is that generally a church is the LAST place you're gonna find honest, kind, and decent people who know they're screwed up.

The fear is either A) get "excommunicated," or B) advice to get therapy, or C) let's pray and lay hands on whoever.

What people sometimes want is someone to listen with empathy and compassion and treat people like people. Pretty sure Mr. Manning would agree. Doesn't seem like he'd mind "going quietly," the guy SHOULD know that he was a "quiet storm" that left and impact and left behind some benevolent wreckage (to stick with the storm theme) of people's lives being changed.

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