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January 22, 2014


Zack Simmen

Honestly, I can't stand this concept. Jesus has plenty of small interactions that may HUGE impacts. The first I can think of is the Samaritan at the well. There is strength in numbers. But there is also weakness. Often the kingdom is inverted. But really the kingdom of God can't be boxed into it has to be big or has to be small. It will be what it will be. We can usher it in or build a wall and build our own kingdom. I think these questions attack the heart of WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH CHURCH? Is it a business? Not for me. For those that make their livelihood doing church it's probably the toughest line to walk. Rightfully so. But honestly, as someone who believes in the rawness of God, if you follow him, first and foremost, all else will be as He would have it. I am not a believer in go big or go home or "growing" a church by stealing believers from other churches. IN fact i think that's one of the biggest crimes the church commits. We allow people to easily walk away from the relationships they've started and never get deep. If your church explodes I hope it's with non-believers, wanderers or people coming back to the faith etc. That being said I know there are times when it's time to prayerfully consider switching churches. But all for the sake of budgets I think it's bad news bears. When business trumps spirit there will be problems. Great questions my man.

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